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***PURCHASE TICKETS***The Votes are in for the 2010 MMA & Boxing Awards Banquet! and Miller Lite
Present The
Saturday, Nov 13 at 7 pm


In 2009 the First Annual MMA Awards Banquet took place. The banquet was so widely accepted Miller Lite NEW LOGOand successful, with more than 42,000 votes being casted by 38,725 voters, we decided to do it again. But this time, we’re doing it better as it’s the Second Annual MMA and Boxing Awards Banquet!

That’s right, for year two we’re keeping MMA, but now adding Boxing to the excitement!

The voting for the 2010 awards was online for 14 days and registered more than 58,000 total votes!!!

Voting has now been closed and the winners of the Fans Choice and the Critics Choice Awards will be announced on Saturday, Nov 13 at Wild Bill’s from 7 pm until 10 pm.

The Saturday, Nov 13 Awards Banquet will include dinner for all and will be promoted by with Active Production and Design handling the production. At 10 pm the banquet will end and the UFC fights will be shown.

This is a night that the Georgia MMA and Boxing community will not forget.

Tickets can be purchased here in advance for only $15 prior to Wednesday, Nov 10. Beginning Thursday, Nov 11 the price will increase to $20 per person. Only the first 300 people will be allowed into Wild Bill’s for the dinner and the awards banquet.

Do not delay! Be one of the first 300 to purchase your tickets by clicking below! Note that once you purchase your tickets, your name and the quantity of tickets purchased will be left at will call.

Update: As of Oct 31, only 187 spots remain!

Please email us at with any questions.

SPONSOR VENDOR BOOTHS – We will be offering only 4 vendor booths for sale. The price is $250 per sponsorship vendor booth. You will be able to set up and sell whatever you’d like, talk to the crowd about your product(s), put a flyer/brochure on each seat and be included in all promotional materials. This is a terrific opportunity to have your product in front of Georgia’s 300 top boxers, MMA fighters, trainers, promoters, managers, gym owners and managers in a relaxed setting with their undivided attention. Email if you are interested.

Don't miss it! Get your tickets now!!

Don't miss it! Get your tickets now!!

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127 Responses to “***PURCHASE TICKETS***The Votes are in for the 2010 MMA & Boxing Awards Banquet!”

  1. CJ Wilson says:

    You forgot the category for “Come Back of the Year”, KnuckleUp wins that hands down.


  2. Adam says:

    There are some issues with the nominees…

    Upset of the Year – Vitkay vs Thompson was Redline Grand Prix not Bangkok Boxing.

    MMA fight of the year – Walker vs Jones was Muay Thai, not MMA.

  3. Admin says:

    Last year we had “Comeback Fighter of the Year”. We deleted that category this year due to too many awards.

    Adam – we changed the upset of the year to Sportfight X. We put Eddie Walker vs Dymond Jones under MMA because it was such a terrific fight between two guys that have fought MMA. Although it was a muay thai fight and not an MMA fight, we didn’t want to leave it out.

  4. Thanks Admin! Eddie Walker and Dymond Jones was a great choice for fight of the year. Muay Thai is part of Mixed Martial Arts. We wish all the nominees GOOD LUCK!

  5. gaines white says:

    The big rock out is the best boxing entertainment concept in georgia!

  6. Lee Bates says:

    I really like Greg’s enthusiam to really want to put boxing on the map in Georgia.

  7. brad says:

    The Big Rock Out is the best concept for boxing for all levels of fans and it is an amazing event. Greg Barkhoff will be part of bringing top level boxing to Atlanta, it’s a must see event.

  8. Charlie B says:

    Brian Butler, and SuckerPunch manage the best fighters in Georgia, i’m just saying … ! He may not be on the Ballot, but we all know !

  9. dave vitkay says:

    We did have come back of the year. Next year will be even better.
    KNUCKLE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. bareknuckles says:

    Boxing promoters, have to assure boxing fans of quality boxers, not building their personal house fighters. We the fan base lose out when Promoters get into the boxing management business…

    Hard core boxing critics know the real deal…when you’ve got 8-10 fight cards, and most of them only last the first round, it’s BS. Propmoters must assure their fans quality matchmaking.

    In the Atlanta areana, that showmanships goes to Bailey Boxing Promotions, They have brought on the better matches, fighters and organizational and marketing skills. Figthers are evenly matched and are there to put on a great boxing show. Thank you…

  11. Jill Thuston says:

    Mike is a great fighter and will be a world class champion!!

  12. Dbrel says:

    You also left out Diego Saraiva and Saraiva MMA. Producing winners after just one year in business.

  13. aldo says:


  14. Leo Saraceni says:

    Chris Stolzman EARNED his hall of fame seat. About time!

  15. ALBECK says:

    Amazing story, with are couch Jessy Becerra get nominated for best boxing couch of the year, only 24 yrs old and with a record in 2010 of 8-0 loses with 3 different fighters. BOXING haves new generation on board

  16. Alex Garcia says:

    I never saw a fighter lik Maryellen Cano. She’s amazing , strong n CHAMPION !!!!

  17. Bert Wells says:

    I’m not sure how the selection process was created; however there seems to be a loop hole in determining who should be listed in the categories for boxing. In some professional shows held in Georgia, the Paul Murphy Boxing Club has had the most professional boxers competing. The Club host the largest National Amateur tournament in the Southeast which is advertised & sponsored by TITLE Boxing; however the club is not listed in the boxing gym of the year, unbelievable. Brian Howard knocked out Yuwshua Zadok here in GA at the Governor’s Mansion and that fight is not listed. Juan Castro Carlos trains David Orscoe who defeated Lashuan Blair in what most called “the fight of the year”, and he’s not listed in the trainer category. Neither is Bert Wells, who owns the Paul Murphy Boxing Club and who trains Brian Howard and Gerald Jordan mentioned. Hopefully someone will take a moment to investigate and correct the large oversights that have been made.

  18. Kimberly Sargent says:

    To Bert there was no oversight it was simply thay those people werent nominated! They make it a VERY fair non bias way with open nominations. They were posted on here for about 3 weeks and everyone that was nominated even if they nominated themselves have been included. Personally I think it was a fair as possible….now it becomes a fan contest for the fan vote….GOOD LUCK to everyone you have all worked very hard!
    Xoxo Kimberly “Sgt. Sexy”
    PS: thanks for everyones love and support!

  19. Kimberly Sargent says:

    To Bert there was no oversight it was simply that those people weren’t nominated. They try to make it fair and non bias with open nominations. They were posted on here for about 3 weeks and everyone that was nominated even if they nominated themselves have been included. Personally I think it was as fair as possible….now it becomes a fan contest for the fan vote….GOOD LUCK to everyone you have all worked very hard! And the critics vote is going to be pretty awesome too! Cant wait guys!
    Xoxo Kimberly “Sgt. Sexy”
    PS: thanks for everyones love and support!

  20. REX says:


  21. JAMES LATU says:

    I have been a long time boxing supporter, and never saw in the 10yr living in GA, so many amazing fights and events like 2010.
    Olympian from Bahamas Taureano Johnson
    The crazy upset of Gerald Jordan
    New strong talent.


  22. jmunsta says:

    Goooooo Sargent!!!! Atl loves you girl best reporter ever. and a big high five for Chike too, we love bangkok boxing at livingsocial!!!

  23. B.B. says:

    My support goes to Boxing Trainer of the Year JESSY BECERRA. With only 24 years old has gone so far. We all know of the support and dedication he gives his boxers. He is very strict and on task when it comes to getting ready for a fight. Lets keep moving foward and to the top JESSY BECERRA. Consider me your #1 FAN….

  24. Denise Cook says:

    Good Luck Mike Graves & X3 gym!! We are voting for u!

  25. KEVIN HOPE says:

    Don’t know Jessy BECERRA candidate four boxing Trainer of the yr, but my support goes to him, simple fact his a young individual earning respect, from professional, Amateur and others.
    I’m a true believer that new ideas keep the world turning. GOOD LUCK 2 ALL

  26. REX says:

    gooo Jessy Becerra 4 boxing trainer of the yr, FAN # 1

  27. Pelona says:

    I remember when JESSY BECERRA trained a 14 year old and won 1st place for heavyweight tough men in Sprucepine North Carolina. From there on I knew he was gonna become a good trainer.I wish you good luck and I hope you win and “siguele adelante” your girl and friend Pelona from Seeley.

  28. darnell says:

    way to go chris

  29. CJ Wilson says:

    FYI, Moe Travis is spelled with an E at the end, not Mo. Also, KnuckleUp is one word, capital K, capital U.

    Thanks to all you voters, it means a lot to us to see that you all feel that we are doing a good job.

  30. Tony Metcalfe says:

    Here’s my 2 cents on a few categories, though all nominees are deserving.
    Promoter, Soco or Undisputed.
    Ring Entrance, Jerrid
    Male Fighter Lima or Queiroz
    Sub of the year Tex or Queiroz
    Journalist Jose or Kimberly
    Influential Brett Moses, or Steve Headden (Without these 2 mma fights are still in a warehouse somewhere).
    Event of the year: Us in Rome with Kimbo. “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t” By far the most heavily attended event in the past year with 3300 paid attendance, and I don’t believe any other event had over 2k paid.

  31. Tony Metcalfe says:

    Also, all things sponsored fan, and Miller Lite sponsor of the year.. X3 gym of the year.. Just my opinion..

  32. Tony Metcalfe says:

    last of all Dr. Lee Cline who’s done most all Battles of Rome, refuses to take a dime to do so, and with his wife Vicki worked the Battle of Rome VIII on their wedding anniversary..

  33. Kimbo says:

    Just cuz Kimbo attended an event and 3,300 bought tickets doesn’t make it the event of the year. The fights were mismatches except for Byron vs John Q.

  34. Tomi says:

    Good work everyone

  35. homie says:

    Let’s goo jessy you got these bro.

  36. Pete says:

    This crap is a joke. Matt Callahan and Tony Tucci leading as top trainers? Are you kidding me? And Dave Vitkay is above Traven? This shit is laughable.

  37. James says:

    @Pete, I actually think it’s pretty cool what they’re doing. The guys at Georiafighters have created two awards. One is the fans choice and the other is the critics choice. I agree…Vitkay beating Traven as a trainer is laugable but I’m sure it won’t even be close in the critics choice. So with that said, quit bitchin and shut the fuck up!

  38. Pete says:

    James, if you ever, ever said that to my face I would slap the dog piss out of you. I train at Unit 2. Anytime you feel like being a tough guy come on over and say it

  39. ANDY says:

    maryellen cano is da bomb!!!!

  40. Tony Metcalfe says:

    @ Kimbo. Actually, I don’t think any of the fights were mismatched, and if 3300 people pay to see an event, than more people had interest in that event than any other in the state this year. That’s the beauty of us both having an opinion, this is just mine.

  41. dave vitkay says:

    Pete(probably schnider)With all due respect Travern is more deserving of me in that category(so are like 3-4 other guys.) I think there are just tons of girls going on here and voting for me because i am so handsome.

  42. dave vitkay says:

    what up thorpe??

  43. ANON says:


    What gyms have had fighters in WEC, UFC, Strikeforce, etc?

    What coaches have had fighters in all these shows? What coaches have had multiple fighters in UFC, WEC that have had success?

    I’ll just say that there are more people in Atlanta than other areas, so these “fan” picks are always going to be slanted.

  44. CJ Wilson says:

    @ Anon, KnuckleUp has. Two fighters have been in the UFC while with us, one of our instructors has won King of the Cage and been in the IFL. KnuckleUp fighters have been in K1, several have been in the WCL. Our head coach has won at Abu Dhabi and 7 times King of Pancrase.

    But who’s counting.

  45. Jose Santiago says:

    Wow. Guys we created this thing to celebrate everyone’s success in Georgia. I embrace all of your comptetiveness…because that’s what drives you all to be the best on the local level. This is the one night that we’ve set apart to recognize individuals but more importantly celebrate the success of the Georgia fight community which in my opinion produces some of the best fighters in the world. I look forward to celebrating all of your success on the 13th.

  46. Pete says:

    Dave it is Snider. LOL But that is beside the point. No disrespect to you. I just think the “best” trainer should be the head guys at all the gyms. Tucci, Jucao, Adam and Rory, Junior and Raphael, Diego and guys like that. I am biased and I know that, but when other guys on the list come to train with him I think that says a lot. Just my opinion

  47. Pete says:

    Dave, if I had to ever rely on the vote of women I would have 3 votes. My wife, mom and sister. LOL.

  48. Boudreaux says:

    Who is Unit Who? I know a Unit 2 and I can be positive you have hheard of it as well. Aside from that yes I did post something on facebook a few times about voting for Traven. None of us thought this was necessary as it is obvious he is the best coach and coaches most of the coaches, whom of which are good friends of mine and would agree. I understand this is a fan based voting sysytem which leads to the biggest bias of all. Leads to who trains where and whose friend trains where. Very little “experts” are voting and even they are most likely voting for their own name over someone they know deserves it better.
    I also understand that a critics vote will be cast and I am faithful that no bias will derive in those decisions. lol.
    But as far the critics vote yes I and my friends, teammates, and gym will continually cast our votes to do our best to make sure that naive “fans” dont really believe that Tucci, Callahan, and Vitkay are actually anywhere near Travens coaching expertise and experience.

  49. What.A.Joke says:

    What a joke this is. When in the hell did a website that barely gets visitors and puts up a few posts about local events gain such credibility and create such a rawkuss?
    This whole thing stinks from the head down. Completely biased, no panel of unbiased judges.. this boils down to who has the most facebook friends. Hence O’kelly Promotions as “Sponsor of the year” What event have they sponsored and what the fuck do they do, let me guess, they facebook people and email or promot pub crawls?

    And to say a bunch of people showing up and standing in line to see a celebrity makes your event best of the year????? Those fights were terrible and so was the ring announcing, and half the time there were two gay dudes running around pulling their tattod cellulite roided asses out. REAL PROFESSIONAL!! Bring in chuck Liddell to a local bar and you will get 3 thousand spectators, doesnt make it a great event, that event was no exception.

    Matt Callahan best trainer?? wow. How about Manu? Traven? Singer? This is a JOKE!

    Most professional and exciting event was when Douglas Lima won the tournament at world congress center, best event in years.

    Best matchmaking was at world congress center for Garrison vs that short guy. That event was full of main event quality fights, hell too many of them to be honest.

    Who the hell is Chavonovic and why would he even be nominated for fight of the year? Guy is garbage.

    Junior Assunciao was not even nominated for fighter of the year?? Did no one see his almost effortless victory against XFC’s LW Champion on HDNET?

    This is political and who has the most friends awards. This is a biproduct of egos. The ones without ego arent even bitching and they are the ones who deserve EVERY AWARD… JOKE!!! Get a panel of unbiased EXPERTS who attend EVERY fight and reward those who deserve it, or should I run to sports authority and buy some trophies and do my own side awards, let me put this on my facebook and see who votes for me to do it.


  50. Nathan says:

    I’m laughing at a lot of you guys. For a ‘tough guy sport’ there seems to be a lot of bitching here. Seriously, This ‘what a joke’ post makes me laugh. And @Pete, no offense, I don’t know you, but hating on nominees sounds like sour grapes.

    There are a lot of fighters, trainers, gyms that NOBODY has ever heard of, yet provide top quality competition, training and facilities respectively. There aren’t any write in votes, we’re all voting on static nominees.

    ‘there should be an unbiased panel of Experts’ blah blah blah. Answer me one question, genius: WHO WILL PICK THAT PANEL? When they do that, you guys will bitch about who decided on the experts.

    God, it sucks to see muscled up guys who f’ing fight for a living cry like babies. Get a thicker skin, and congratulate whoever wins.

  51. Lynn Erickson says:

    Good luck Knuckle Up!!!!! You guys are the best!!!

  52. Pete says:

    Nathan, when you allow everybody and anybody vote it turns into which person, gym, fighter, promoter can get the most family members, friends, and others to vote for them. I agree that there will always be a little bias, but do mma fights let the fans “judge” the fight or do they select judges?
    I do not have an issue personally with any of the guys or gyms listed. But it would be just as silly to have my name on any list that also has Jucao, Junior, Traven, and other great trainers.

    BTW, I wish I was muscled up. But I am glad you think I am.

  53. Joelle says:


  54. Charles Rutterbush says:

    How about a category for “Best Ring Announcer”?

  55. Jack says:

    X3 Sports and Clint Hester

  56. Donna says:

    Sorry I don’t know more about the sport but I know how dedicated Jeff Bedard has been and will continue to be in promoting and supporting mma vote Jeff into the hall of fame!

  57. REX says:

    go JESEE BECERRA boxing Trainer of the yr

  58. CJ Wilson says:

    Wow, this is pretty pathetic. You all do realize that THIS set of awards IS designed to be a popularity contest.
    There are tons of deserving people that are not on this list (including our head coach Master Ricardo Murgel, but I didn’t nominate anyone from my gym so…). This is a peoples choice, this is who can market better, promote themselves better, who the people like better.
    It has been repeatedly stated that there is a Critics Choice as well, obviously many of those results will be very different than the ones here.

    Anyways, have fun, stop taking yourselves too seriously and wait for the awards night and Critics Choice if you don’t like it here. Everyone else is having fun, as they are intended to do here.

  59. David Oblas says:

    CJ hit it on the head. We started this Awards Banquet as something great to reward those involved in the sport. There’s a Fans Choice Award and a Critics Choice award.

    For the Critics Choice award those will be decided on by the owners of gyms, promoters, managers and others. Those emails should go out in the next couple of days.

    Ulli Pohl invented this website, Jose Santiago and I came in to make it a bit better and we’ve done some terrific things with it.

    Without this website we wouldn’t be able to recognize those doing great things. It’s not like the AJC reports on Georgia MMA and Boxing every day.

    Jose and I put a TON of time into this website, the Awards Banquet, the Combat Sports EXPO, etc without getting a lot of money out of it. We get great pleasure out of doing it.

    We’ve already received more than 22,000 votes on this site in only a week! People are hyped about winning awards and this banquet on Saturday, Nov 13 is gonna kick ass!

  60. Shea Bailey says:

    I agree with C.J. and David. We should be happy about the fact the vote is getting the response it is getting. When events like this are put together and there is a good turn out everyone wins. It doesn’t matter if you are in boxing or mma being supportive of one another is what will eventually help both sports grow.

  61. Keep up the good work fans!!!

  62. Warren Thompson says:

    Hey Homies, Yah just have fun with it guys, I could care less if i win or lose some may feel different but all nominees on here are good people and fighters. I dont know how i got nominated for any category except upset of the yr when Vitkay beat me handily the first time we fought but i guess people must think im at least ok if i should win most fights and thanks for whomever nominated me for the support. I had the worst yr of my carrear with my TUF 11 loss that pretty much made me a anxiety filled depressed headcase and then went 1-1-1 so im lookin forward to 2011 ill do my best to give u guys the best fights possible.

  63. Brandon says:

    Where are the Cook’ Impact fighters or gym on this page? They are a great gym who deserve to at least be able to get voted for!

  64. Becky Van Loozen Mccarty says:

    Warren Thompson is a wonderful boxer who is built. I love to see him fight because I know that he follows all of the rules and he still wins. He cares about his opponents and still wins.

  65. Elyse martin says:

    Knuckle UP all the way!
    They changed my life in every shape and form. Brought me back to life.
    Thank you.

    And thank you to Chris Stolzman. You are the man!

    Back from the dead.

  66. jenifer turman says:

    Awesome instructor!!

  67. Veronica Carney says:

    GOOD LUCK to all the fighters… and KNUCKLE UP is the best thank you for caring <3

  68. Ray P says:

    I remember John D’Angelo putting on NHB shows in the early 90’s. Some of the most memorable events in my mind. Good Luck on the Hall of Fame votes John

  69. Shane Alexander says:

    If there was a category for “best ring announcer” Adam Gibbs from The Big Rock Out Boxing would win that hands down. I think a lot of people are quick to criticize something like this contest but everyone had a fair chance to nonminate or be nominated. You don’t see big sites like Sherdog having a contest and giving local fighters the respect they deserve.

  70. WAR LIMA! says:

    This is the best production mma company! Always did so much for fighters and best fights!

    Here is why Doug Lima should win fighter of the year.

    WAR LIMA!!

  71. REX says:

    go jessy becerra

  72. Kamina says:

    Big ups to Knuckle Up!

  73. Last night Eddie Walker vs Dymond Jones were up 80 votes for MMA Fight Of The Year. Over night Dave Vitkay vs. Warren Thompson II have gained 180 votes!?!?
    Vote Eddie Walker vs Dymond Jone for MMA Fight Of The Year!

  74. BB says:

    My support goes to JESSY BECERRA Boxing Trainer of the Year keep strong!

  75. samantha says:

    John D Angelo the best

  76. We are having a lot of people trying to vote and the site wont let them. Is anyone else having problems?

  77. sarah-jane says:

    hope john d’angelo wins

  78. badboy says:

    no catagory for BJJ instructor of the year??

  79. Lexi says:

    Good Luck D’Angelo!!!

  80. Dylan says:

    D’Angelo rocks….

  81. Brandon says:

    Go D’Angelo

  82. Doug J says:

    tell you who I voted for. He created an Amateur division for novice fighters. If I’m not mistaken he also came up with 3 5minute rounds that are now used everywhere in mma. should have been inducted last year. Hall of Fame vote for John D’Angelo well deserved

  83. aldo says:

    I love knuckleup

  84. Wanted to give “UNIT 2” a shout out and Dymond Jones

  85. Still having people say that they haven’t been able to vote for days…

  86. JuicedBeauty says:

    Congratulations John!

    Much continued success…!

  87. All I can say is WOW! Thank you my friends for all your support in voting. I don’t think a lot of the new people in the sport really know me, but getting MMA (NHB) established with rules in Georgia was quite a political challenge. I have great respect for everyone nominated in the Hall of Fame category. A Lot of those people were in the trenches with me legitimizing this sport. All The Best to you all as well. ~D’Angelo

  88. Samantha says:

    Agreed- D’Angelo Kicks Booty GOOD LUCK

  89. Mike says:

    Johnny D’Angelo Hall Of Fame it didn’t let me vote again so i will write in my vote

  90. ilona says:

    You’re awesome!

  91. brian says:

    I’m not able to vote today. I voted yesterday, but the site won’t let me vote today.

  92. Elvira! says:


  93. brian says:

    Still unable to vote 2 days in a row now.

  94. Admin says:

    @Brian: I just checked your IP address and some from your location is already voting.

  95. Michelle Moore says:

    Martial Arts Hall of Fame:
    ** John D’Angelo **

  96. REX says:

    go JESSY BECERRA 4 boxing trainer of the yr

  97. Amore says:

    I’m so proud of you. Hall Of Fame for John D’Angelo

  98. heaven scent avila says:

    sorry for late reply but hope its not late to vote u
    JOHN d’ ANGELO—— Hall of Fame…=)

  99. Tony E says:


  100. Austin says:


  101. Michelle Lee Martin says:

    John D’Angelooooooo!!!!

  102. Barbara Ravage says:

    John D’Angelo for Hall of Fame! xo

  103. heaven scent avila says:

    OK go go John D’ Angelo

  104. Charlotte says:

    3XSports, You’re the greatest sports club in the A-T-L!!!!!!!!

    Many Successes in 2011!!!

    Member, 3xSports-Midtown

  105. fan says:

    It’s so wierd how Dave viktay go 40 votes in less than 20min..

  106. CJ Wilson says:


    That’s because I sent out an email newsletter to over 14,000 people reminding them to vote at 10:15. Then I sent out a Facebook message too almost all of the contacts I have, posted a link on our Facebook page with 2000 fans and personally sent out well over 250 text messages reminding people to vote.

    It’s marketing, it’s what I do for a living. I am MORE than willing to have an investigation as to whether or not there was cheating in this contest though. I’m fine with how our votes were received.

  107. sharon burbridge says:

    John D’Angelo for the Hall of Fame !!!!!

  108. David Samir says:

    John D’Angelo for the hall of fame

  109. Miguel Guzman says:

    Holy IP Resetting Batman!

  110. Krista says:

    Dave Vitkay, woooo!

  111. Wow…THAT was Fun! Me and My Friend Chris were in a Battle for 1st for Hall Of Fame. We both have some Awesome Supporters & I Thank You for your Votes! Great Job Team Knuckle Up and to Team Full Throttle for its Nominations/Wins! All The Best ~D’Angelo

  112. whatwhat says:

    I think its quite curious how a gym with 40 members can rake in 1500 votes for gym of the year. Some serious voting i guess ahem.

  113. Valerie says:

    @fan…not weird at all…he has alot of family and friends here in Michigan that voted for him……CONGRATS DAVE VITKAY!!!!

  114. vanna says:

    WAY TO GO DAVE VITKAY! WE LOVE YOU! and as for whatwhats comment….it is called voting, you should try it sometime.

  115. Mike says:

    way to go Dave Vitkay!

  116. Aunt Diana says:

    Way to go, my nephew Dave Vitkay!!! You have a lot of relatives and friends who voted for you !!

  117. Warren Thompson says:

    Wow some people take things in life Waaay to seriously…Its just a vote for fun guys it means nothing but a good time, calm down if you didnt win and let the people who did enjoy that they did, I just want to say Congrats to Dave Vitkay for whipping my butt the first fight and making me a better fighter because now i actually train wrestling and im sure he helped me for my future. SO Congrats on your wins on here Dave,and to your new team and gym Knuckleup for preparing you, you deserve it bro dont let anyone take that from you

  118. Douglas Lima says:

    Congratz Dave u punk! Lol im gonna go steal the trophy from u…

  119. Krista says:

    Dave Vitkay all the way! 🙂

  120. Dave Vitkay says:

    Thank you to my friends and crazy family for voting so persistintly. I am flattered to have been nominated, along with all the other good fighters. Marius Cujba, Clint Hester, Warren Thompson, and Douglas Lima. I was actually voting for Douglas until I started catching up to him in the polls.

  121. Jose E. Santiago says:

    The critic’s choices have all been tabulated. Some surprises and really close in a lot of categories! Can’t wait to present them on the 13th!

  122. Frank Martin says:

    Rivalry can be healthy, but some people need to chill….. great nominations!

  123. I didn’t even know I was nominated until there was 6 days left. Within 6 days I got close to 600 votes. I went from 0 to 5th place as MMA Trainer of the Year. The funny thing is, I don’t have any MMA fighters and only 1 pro Muay Thai fighter.
    It’s a popularity vote and for fun like Warren said. I know it means nothing, but I was still honored to have been nominated.
    Thank you to whoever nominated me!


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