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SportFightX Closes Down!


In an email sent to and the local MMA community by William “Soco” McAlister, owner and operator, SportFightX has made the difficult decision to close it’s doors on MMA promoting.

In the email McAlister says “It was our goal from the beginning to raise the quality of MMA production in the AtlantaSoco1 metro area, put on the best possible fights for the fans as well as present the fighters not as mere combatants but as true professional athletes, which is the way I look at them.”  It’s without a doubt that the production level of SportFightX did indeed raise the bar with regards to production value.

McAlister also did a great job  marketing his brand and scoring great sponsorship deals with companies like REDLINE energy drink and Project 961 amonst others.

McAlister continued in the email, “However it comes with disappointment to announce that SportFight X and Sin City Fight Club will be closing its cage door for good. Promoting these organizations has been a positive learning experience for me  and hopefully equally positive for those we came in contact with.”

redlinetrueThe culmination of McAlister’s efforts and hard work came to fruition when he  promoted a very successful 8 man tournament in the185 lbs division.  The winner of the tournament pocketed a cool $10,000.00.

McAlister ended the email  thanking all, “Thank you all again for the support as I will continue to return it the best I possibly can. Sincerely, William “Soco” McAlister” would like to wish Soco the best of luck in any of his future endeavors.

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2 Responses to “SportFightX Closes Down!”

  1. Those who know me or have read my words on my facebook page, on, or any of my other blogs know that I talk a lot of shit! But, right now I’m gonna speak the truth from my heart…

    I Love You, Soco!
    You were one of the first people to really welcome me into the Georgia MMA Community with open arms. (And each time I went to one of your shows, you’da thought I was the Queen of England – the way your staff always treated me sooo special!) 🙂

    Soco has been a good friend and a great promotor of fights in our MMA community.

    I think we all owe him a debt of gratitude for making the “High Society Prudes” in the Atlanta area acknowledge our sport and see what it has to offer as TRUE entertainment.

    Who could forget his attempt to take Sin City to Symphony Hall? LOL! “From Black eye to Black tie”

    Soco, I know we will see you around, but your promotions will be sorely missed.

    Best of luck, Brother!

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