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Mayweather And Canelo Entertain ATL Fight Fans With Press Conference!


By David Oblas

The crowd of about 2,000 fight fans at the Mayweather vs Canelo press conference in Centennial Olympic Park (Atlanta, GA) on Thursday afternoon were split about as 50/50 as it could be.

50% of the crowd was females with them cheering on the cute, boyish looking Canelo.

50% of the crowd was Mexican with them enthusiastically cheering for Canelo, the current pride of Mexico. 5

And 50% of the 2,000 in attendance were cheering on Mayweather with the other 50% booing him; something that he is accustomed to wherever he goes. But that’s why he is known as the cash cow for the sport of boxing. Hence his name change from “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather years ago to the better known “Money” Mayweather.

The press conference in Atlanta was the first time that a major boxing PPV has stopped through Atlanta to make a push for PPV buys. Golden Boy Promotion chief executive Richard Schaefer told the crowd that Atlanta was picked as a site for the press conference because Atlanta has become one of the biggest PPV buying markets for boxing and Mayweather fights.

In attendance were two fighters that have attributed to many of those past PPV buys – Evander Holyfield and Oscar de la Hoya.

When asked by about the history of Atlanta boxers, Mayweather was quick to pass out compliments to five-time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, the late Vernon Forrest and the now paralyzed Paul “The Punisher” Williams.

“I was very good friends with Vernon and his loss was terrible,” said Mayweather. “He was one of the truly great guys in boxing and a champion fighter. This is Evander’s town. The people in Atlanta love him and they should. He’s their champion. And Paul Williams was someone I was looking forward to fighting years ago. Our styles would have matched up well together and he was someone I would have enjoyed going against.”

While Mayweather seemed his normal self during the media outing – brash, cocky and confident; one could say the same about his Sept 14 opponent Canelo.

At no point in time did Canelo ever seem intimidated to share the stage with the world’s greatest athlete and possibly the best boxer that we’ve ever seen. In fact, unlike former Mayweather opponents that we’ve seen, Canelo seemed more than confident that he belonged here and continually stressed the fact that he’s younger, he’s stronger and his desire to win is greater than Mayweather’s.

After the press conference Mayweather, Canelo and de la Hoya all stuck around to speak to the media. In fact, while Mayweather spoke to the media he constantly had his security team handing him items from the crowd to sign. It was estimated that Mayweather signed at least 200 items for fans in attendance. And unlike his moniker of “Money”…he did it all for free.

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