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Mary Matia Interview One Week Before Title Defense Vs Caressa Kibler!


In a little more than a week, on Saturday, December 15, Georgia’s Mary Matia will take on Florida’s Caressa Kibler for the third time this year. The two have engaged in two fight of the year candidates already in 2012 and they’re about to do it all over again! This time it’s FREE to witness the rematch simply by bringing a new toy for Toys For Tots to Wild Bill’s Fight Night on Saturday, Dec 15. Ringside seats are $25 and a new toy.

The other day we heard from Caressa Kibler. That interview is HERE.

Today we hear from Mary Matia, who is the reigning champion and will be defending her belt vs Caressa. You’re fighting Caressa for the third time. Both fights have been Fight of the Year candidates. Does this put any added pressure on you to have a great performance the third time out?

Mary Matia: I always want to perform great but this time especially because she is my best opponent and it means a lot to win the fight and keep my belt. You’ve won the first two fights by decision, and both by close decisions. What’s your goal for this fight? Is it to win by a larger margin, or to knock her out?

Mary Matia: My favorite way to win is by breaking down the will of my opponent. A knockout is always welcome but I enjoy taking the fight into the later rounds and having my opponent give up themselves. I love TKO’s so that’s what I want. Caressa is my toughest opponent with a good chin, so while that outcome is unlikely it’s what I am working to accomplish because it would mean that I have gotten that much better since we last fought. You’ve never lost in the state of Georgia or at Wild Bill’s. What do you attribute that to?

Mary Matia: I give it all to my coach Marshell Davis, he has trained me hard for every single fight. He has taken all of my natural strengths and multiplied them, making me the fighter that I am. What’s your overall fight record in all disciplines? (mma, kickboxing, thai, boxing, etc)

Mary Matia: I am currently 15-3 in kickboxing/thai and 1-1 in boxing. We have been looking into trying mma next year to get more opponents but as of right now I have done only stand up. We’re only about a week from the December 15 fight night at Wild Bill’s. What’s going through your head as we approach fight night?

Mary Matia As the fight draws closer my training gets more intense, both the mental and physical aspects. I am always excited to fight and look forward to it especially for fights like these where I get to go up against a great female fighter. This is a completely free show for the fans to benefit Toys For Tots. Anyone that brings in a new toy gets in free to the show. What does that mean to you to be fighting on a show like this?

Mary Matia I love fighting on the toys for tots card, it’s amazing to be able to help make someone happy by fighting on the card. Our gym has done great supporting this show by bringing in toys, even if they can’t go to the fights.


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