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Caressa Kibler Speaks Before Dec 15 FREE Fight vs Mary Matia at Wild Bill’s!


On December 15 at Wild Bill’s Fight Night, Florida’s Caressa Kibler and Georgia’s Mary Matia will fight for the third time this year. In the two previous fights, Matia has come out of both fights with razor thin decision victories. In this third fight, Matia will put her title belt on the line.

Both of their previous two fights could easily be named a candidate for Fight of the Year in Georgia. Since they fought each other, both fighters have been undefeated this year.

Everyone can see the fight for FREE simply by bringing a new toy for Toys For Tots to the door. Wanna sit ringside? It’s just $25 and a new toy.

Today we heard from Caressa as she gets ready for the fight with Mary. In the next couple days we’ll hear from Mary.

Georgia Fighters: This is the third time that you’re fighting Mary in her home state. What do you plan to do different this time?

Caressa: I don’t really plan on doing anything different, I just plan on coming in stronger and make sure the judges have no doubt in their mind that I’m the winner.

Georgia Fighters: Since Mary last fought you, she’s fought twice more at Wild Bill’s winning both fights. Have you had any fights since then and how have you done?

Caressa: I actually fought a couple weeks after our last fight for a ISKA U.S title, I fought a girl from New York under kickboxing rules I won by unanimous dec.

Georgia Fighters: You and Mary have possibly been the Fight Of the Year for Georgia both times that you’ve fought. Does this put any added pressure on you to make a good fight and beat her?

Caressa: Well first Id like to say that means so much to me for people to recognize our fight as fight of the year, it really makes all of the Hardwork and dedication I put into this sport win or lose is all worth it. I don’t really feel much extra pressure because no matter what the outcome of this fight it’s going to be fireworks! When you put two fighters in the ring who put so much into this sport & are so determined to win, that is a fight that is just asking to be fight of the night!

Georgia Fighters: Compare fighting in your hometown to out of your hometown. Many Atlanta fighters don’t venture outside of their home state. What difficulties are there with driving all day the day of the weighins and fighting out of state?

Caressa: well I have only had the luxury of fighting in my hometown twice, & I can say it is very relaxing and so much easier, but one of the reasons I love this sport so much is being able to travel to different places, I’ve had the privilege of fighting in California, Canada, NewYork, Virginia & of course Georgia and yes I have to deal with many adversities like crowd favorites, biased judging, and the painful experience of traveling with no food or water the day of weigh ins but I feel this had made me a stronger fighter. I wouldn’t trade those experiences that have made me the fighter I am today to fight in the comfort of my hometown.

Georgia Fighters: What’s your overall fight record in all disciplines? (mma, kickboxing, thai, boxing, etc)

Caressa: My Muay thai record is 11-11 & my kickboxing record is 1-1 I know my record isn’t the prettiest, but every loss I have has taught me something a win could never do. I have had very tough fights, some bad decisions, I’ve made mistakes that have cost me fights but as an amateur it’s not about win or lose its about the experience you are gaining. God has an ultimate plan for my life, I never question it because I know he is making me stronger fighter and person, I know he has something big planned for me so I keep training hard, & fighting hard every fight!

Georgia Fighters: We’re only about two weeks away from the December 15 fight night at Wild Bill’s. What’s going through your head as we approach fight night?

Caressa: Honestly the only thing going through my mind is making sure that I’m training the hardest I possibly can, at this point nothing else matters.

Georgia Fighters: This is a completely free show for the fans to benefit Toys For Tots. Anyone that brings in a new toy gets in free to the show. What does that mean to you to be fighting on a show like this?

Caressa: To me fighting on a show like this shows me I’m not fighting for a promoter who is just out to make money I’m fighting for people who care about the fighters, fans, and others out their who are less fortunate than others. I feel God blesses selfless people, & even tho the fight game in Georgia will be put on hold for a little while I don’t foresee it being very long!

I would just like to thank everyone in Georgia for their support, I always enjoy fighting in Georgia because even tho It’s not my hometown I get much respect from everyone, there are so many great fighters that I also respect, because no matter what anyone says, stepping into that ring takes sacrifice, risk, Hardwork, & some serious balls! We are all in this together!


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4 Responses to “Caressa Kibler Speaks Before Dec 15 FREE Fight vs Mary Matia at Wild Bill’s!”

  1. Rachel says:

    Great interview Caressa!

  2. Candy says:

    What a great interview! I’d really love to see this fight. Missed the first two, but I heard that these amazing athletes put on quite a show! I have much respect for both of them! In the event that I can’t make it back in town on the 15th, is there any way that this fight can be added to the Comcast “On Demand” local fight list later?

  3. Tina Davies says:

    Great job Caressa! As always, we will be there on the 15th to support you! Both girls are awesome atheletes and should be commended for their hard work and dedication. Caressa, knowing you is an honor, being trained by you is brutal and watching you fight is a form of art. Much love and respect for a great fight on the 15th!

  4. Karine Iren says:

    Love the interview. Good luck tomorrow girl!!!


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