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Nominations NOW Open for Georgia Fighters Awards Banquet On Saturday, Jan 25!

Nominations for 2013 MMA and Boxing Awards Reception

2013 MMA and Boxing Awards Reception
Saturday, January 25 at Wild Bill’s
4 pm – 7 pm
Presented by Georgia Fighters

Georgia Fighters has set the date of Saturday, January 25 for the Fifth Annual MMA and Boxing Awards Reception. This is the only awards reception of its kind in the state of Georgia and is used to recognize those that have positively contributed to the sports in the past year.

The reception will take place from 4 pm – 7 pm in the Crown Room of Wild Bill’s prior to Wild Bill’s Fight Night.

Immediately after the Awards Banquet ends, Wild Bill’s Fight Night will begin.

The online voting has increased dramatically through the years for the Georgia Fighters awards. In 2009 we had more than 42,000 online votes, 2010 saw 58,000 votes, 2011 had more than 120,000 votes and 2012 saw more than 135,000 people vote on the awards!

The first thing you must do is NOMINATE people for an award by simply posting their name or gym and the award you’re nominating them for below by making a comment. We will then put ANYONE that is nominated for an award into the ballots and voting will begin on Tuesday, December 17. The deadline to nominate has been set for Sunday, December 15.

There will be two categories for each award – a Fan’s Vote which is voted online and a Critics Pick where we will rely on MMA, kickboxing and boxing insiders to cast their votes.

In order to get started — WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Below is the list of award categories.

PLEASE take a few minutes and add your nominations to the list. Please help us spread the word via facebook and other online outlets, but please note that ONLY nominations on the website will be considered.

You can research past MMA and boxing fights by going to then look in the “results” tab to the right to see results from MMA and Boxing fights in Georgia in the past year. You can also use for past MMA fights and for past Boxing fights.

The dates that awards are being given out for are fights that took place between October 1, 2012 and December 14, 20113.

For the Georgia Hall of Fame, below is who has already been inducted:

MMA Hall of Fame: Adam Singer, Andy Foster, Cam McHargue, Forrest Griffin, Gary Brown, George Allen, Matthew Waller, Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti, Rory Singer, Steve Headden, Tony Tucci, John D’Angelo, Khunpon, Chris Stolzman, Ricarddo Murgel, Roberto Traven, Mike Littrel, Manu Ntoh, Ranieri Paiva, Roan Jucao Carneiro, Brian Stann, Kevin Brooks and Blake Grice.

Boxing Hall Of Fame: Paul Delgado, Cedric Boswell, Xavier Biggs, Johnny Gant, Terri Moss, Shane Bailey,Evander Holyfield, Vernon Forrest, Shea Bailey, Buddy Davis, Paul Williams, Paul Delgado and Jackie “Sunshine” Smith.


Muay Thai Categories
1. Male Fighter of the Year:
2. Female Fighter of the Year:
3. Male Fight of the Year:
4. Female Fight of the Year:

MMA Categories
1. Male Fighter of the Year:
2. Female Fighter of the Year:
3. Manager of the Year:
4. Trainer(s) of the Year (Two):
5. Athletic Commission Member of the Year:
6. Gym of the Year:
7. Fight of the Year:
8. Promoter of the Year:
9. Knockout of the Year:
10. Submission Of the Year:
11. Upset of the Year:
12. Best Event of the Year:
13. Most Influential Persons of the Year (Three):
14. Breakthrough Fighter:
15. Best Local MMA Brand:
16. Sponsor of the Year:
17. Georgia MMA Hall of Fame (Three):
18. Lifetime Achievement Award:

Pro Boxing Categories
1. Male Fighter of the Year:
2. Female Fighter of the Year:
3. Manager of the Year:
4. Trainer(s) of the Year (Two):
5. Gym of the Year:
6. Fight of the Year:
7. Promoter of the Year:
8. Knockout of the Year:
9. Upset of the Year:
10. Best Event of the Year:
11. Most Influential Persons of the Year (Three) :
12. Breakthrough Fighter:
13. Best Local Boxing Brand:
14. Sponsor of the Year:
15. Georgia Boxing Hall of Fame (Three):
16. Lifetime Achievement Award:

Overall Categories
1. Best Media Source:
2. Best Journalist:
3. Sponsor of the Year:
4. Veteran Medical Provider:
5. Photographer of the Year:
6. Videographer of the Year:
7. Ring Announcer of the Year:

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  1. JM Camden says:

    #17 Georgia MMA Hall of Fame: Andy Stroud, Oblas
    #8 Promoter of the year: Oblas


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